All boards from the Shred Stixx quiver are hand made and glassed (hopefully in the USA) with ePtech Board Technology.  With over 30 years of board development experience, Shred Stixx has refined our construction technique to include the highest level of quality and environmental awareness.  ePtech Board Technology consists of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) blanks which are precision fused for optimum strength and controlled/consistent density throughout.  Our EPS blanks offer better resin bonding, flexural characteristics, and a lighter finished board, than those made with traditional polyurethane blanks.  Shred Stixx uses a high modulus, UV stable epoxy resin formulated by Resin Research in each board which provides optimal strength, elongation, bonding, and clarity. Our boards are laminated with multiple layers of six ounce of Hexcel Fiberglass for the most durable finish in the industry.

Additionally, the milled ‘waste’ foam is recycled and used in the production of other foam products, and use of EPS and epoxy resin has proven to be safer for builders and the environment.